Saturday, January 28, 2012

Catching up

At least that is what I hope to be doing this weekend.  I have been at my new job for three weeks now and I can tell already it will be very demanding - at least for the first year or so as I learn the ropes - but also exciting and inspiring.  To be able to take part in creating a program from the ground up that is so needed by our community is a very important feeling.  I'll just try to not let the feeling of responsibility affect my weekends!

This winter is proving to be one of record cold and snow here in Kodiak.  Mohawk the rugged Alaskan husky has been sleeping indoors almost every night, and last year he may have done so twice the whole winter.  On an average winter the ground freezes here up to about two feet - we have no permafrost.  This year it is frozen up to 6 feet, and the city is recommending those on public water to keep a faucet running all times up through March, as even after air temps rise, the ground will be well frozen.  Those of us who have wells do not have the luxury of keeping a faucet running must trust in our homes' winterization.  After Jeremy made some improvements in November, we have not had any frozen pipes, but with an older house in these conditions it is always a concern.

What does this mean for our spring? I hope that it will not be too delayed, as each spring it always seems too late for me anyway.  Right now it seems like a very long way off.