Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween Pumpkins

Emmy went to the store with Jeremy and picked out her own pumpkin. They also got a big one which she said was "Daddy's Pumpkin." When I asked her what she wanted on her pumpkin she said she wanted a happy kitty face. When I asked what she wanted to make on Daddy's pumpkin she said a "moose face." I have no idea where that came from, but what our little princess wants, she gets.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fall activities

Well, the buoy swing photos may be misleading. It has been raining so much lately that we've been doing very little outside. Except for Jeremy since he works outside. It hasn't snowed yet, and we only had frost once. It is a mild fall temperature wise, but very stormy.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

update: call totals to congress

I just checked and it is over 303,000 calls that have been reported to members of congress about health insurance reform!

Health Reform Push

I got an email this morning from Organizing for America. They were calling it One Day, 100,000 Calls. They were providing the phone numbers of our Senators and Congresspeople, and asking us to call them and voice our support for health insurance reform. With the phone numbers right there, it was easy. Not long after, I got another email saying they had already reached heir goal and were now shooting for 200,000 calls to members of congress. I kept clicking reload on my browser and watched the numbers go up every time. I just checked back and they have had 215,845 calls reported in to members of congress around the country as of 3:17 pm. I wonder how much higher it will go before the end of the day. President Obama is also planning live webcast in about 45 minutes, which I'll probably miss. But if you want to see the count, try clicking here.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Blog Action Day: Climate Change

As a part of Blog Action Day 2009, I am doing a post about climate change. Over 9,000 other blogs in 150 other countries are posting about this same topic today. Why am I concerned about climate change? Because the changes that I have seen in Alaska's climate, just in my lifetime, will surely have big consequences for my child's future. The Elders I work with in the Alutiiq community always say the environment is changing, that they can no longer predict when the berries will be ripe, or if there will be good salmon runs or an easy winter.

It seems ridiculous for people to still be insisting that climate change is a myth, when 99% of the scientiic community agrees that climate change is occurring, and that it is caused by man. The scariest thing is that the best we can hope for is to slow down the rapidity of climate change long enough to give ourselves time to adapt. Even if we stop all greenhouse gas emissions today it will take hundreds of years for the atmosphere to recover.

I know that I am in part to blame for the greenhouse gasses that are contributing to climate change. I drive a car. I sometimes drink bottled water. I don't always recycle. I fly frequently by airplane. But I plan to do better. And I hope that on this day you will think about your own role and make one little change to help slow down climate change.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I am now working on my analysis for my dissertation. Taking all the interviews and other data and sorting, comparing, and making sense of it all. It is a lot of detail, but it is an exciting stage to be in, as once this chapter is written, all of the other sections will be easier to complete.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Nine Year-Old Juneau Singer

JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) - A 9-year-old Juneau girl who has been a hit on YouTube made her national television debut Thursday on the "The Ellen DeGeneres Show."

Anna Graceman - that's her stage name - played the piano and sang an original song.

Anna told the Juneau Empire that representatives from the show contacted her about two weeks ago after seeing a video for her song "Paradise" on YouTube. The video has had more than a half-million views.

Anna, who recently performed at the Alaska Folk Festival, said she wasn't nervous about the television appearance.

"I was, and then I wasn't," she said. "I had confidence that I would be good."

Read the rest from the Newsminer.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Keeping on...

Yesterday was rough as I had to leave first thing in the AM to go to Fairbanks for an intensive week on my dissertation. But I knew it needed to be done. I am missing my family in this hard time, but we are keeping close tabs on each other and are hanging in there - inimaukut ;-]

So having said that, I better get back to coding data. I WILL make progress this week and I WILL feel better.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hansel has unexpectedly passed away. There must have been internal injuries we did not know about. Please keep us in your thoughts. We only had him for 3 months but he was a real part of the family.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hansel Hurt

Last night after Jeremy walked the dogs on Near Island, Hansel spooked and took off. After Jeremy searched for him for while on Near Island, he saw some people running their dog who said a dog looking like Hansel was seen across the bridge down town. Jeremy headed that direction and I called the police station from home. They said that a dog had been hit by a car down by the Kodiak Inn, and that a girl had picked him up and was bringing him to the Vet. So I called Jeremy. Jeremy then went to the Animal Clinic and met the girl, who had seen a vehicle hit Hansel but not stop. Special Quyanaa to that good samaritan (Keeley Wall) who helped our dog.

Jeremy called the Vet's emergency number and Dr. Colwell came in to check out Hansel. He was not able to stand and was favoring one leg. the X-rays showed that he had multiple pelvic fractures, but that the pelvis was still in one piece. The left back leg was dislocated, so they wrangled it back in. Hansel stayed overnight, and we just went to pick him up.

So Hansel is going to have to keep his leg bound up to his belly for the next 16 days, and is currently laying on his special bed whimpering. Poor Baby! We just can't figure out why he went straight for the bridge, and then once crossing the bridge, went straight for downtown. That is the exact opposite from what Siska would've done.

All together we are thankful that we still have our Hansel. He is going to have a tough time recovering from this very painful injury, but he will make it. He will be accepting visitors throughout the weekend.