Sunday, February 28, 2010

"Distinctive Destinations"

An Alaskan Town is coming in dead last in the National Trust for Historic Preservation's Dozen Distinctive Destinations competition. If you love Sitka, Alaska, or if you are just curious about the competition, please visit the web page here. I wonder how towns get on this list, and how good ol' Kodiak can be featured next year...

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Time is ticking...

I am headed to Fairbanks tomorrow for the work week to meet with my advisor and work on my dissertation. My goal is to have a suitable draft of my analysis and analytical framework chapetrs to send to my committee by the time I leave. Of course I also had planned to have a rough draft mostly done of these two chapters before I even got there this time, but Things always get in the way...

The whole family has been sick this week. It was more like a domino effect: Jeremy started getting sick with a bad cold last weekend, had it bad Monday and Tuesday, and I started to get sick Monday and had it worst Tuesday. I got a bit better but kind of plateau-ed with a headache and sore throat for the rest of the week. Poor Emmy came down with it Wednesday and had to miss daycare the rest of the week. She had no voice last night, well it was sort of a croak, and is still coughing pretty bad. my poor baby!

One thing I have learned though is that things ALWAYS get in the way of writing, and the challenge is less about writing than it is about avoiding the obstacles that keep it from happening.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Jib Jab

A friend posted this video on Facebook, and it was so genius I had to post it here on my blog, without even asking him first:

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And here is one of Jeremy and I, from when we went to the Olympics:

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

photo catch up

It's been pretty busy over the past month, and looking at these recent pictures - they are already out dated because that snow day lasted about a day. But I just have to share these adorable shots of Emmy and the family, from the snowy driveway and our night out in Pasagshak.

The warm temps have given us bare ground, mud puddles, sprouting grass and other perennials like my poor rhubarb. I have taken to looking at online plant and seed websites even though I know it is WAY too early. I think this happens to me every year though, whether it is cold or warm. And I have big plans for the garden this year...