Saturday, March 13, 2010

Snow and schoolwork

I just spent about a day at the Saltonstall compound working on schoolwork, but came home few hours early for the snow storm that hasn't materialized...yet. I had planned to go out to Pasagshak for writing, but the weather has been very snowy. Speaking of snow, a friend just broke her leg sledding this afternoon when she ran into a tree. Poor Thing! Don't worry up at the hospital - we fed your kids!

I have remained safely inside, though safe may not be the best descriptor. I was trying to get a side table out of the apartment this afternoon, while holding aside a leaning mattress and an old high chair with my leg (I should mention it's a bit messy in there right now), and when I stood up I rammed my forehead into the side of a door Jeremy had removed during installation of the new floor. So I have kinda like a lavender goose egg, with a fuschia line running vertical, right on my hairline, mid forehead. I may try to play it up, make it look intentional.

Monday, March 8, 2010

The House is a Shakin'

They downgraded the wind warning from 65 to 55 mph, but I haven't had the house shake this bad since we moved back from Fairbanks. I'd say the gusts are well above 55 mph. I don't think it is snowing, but the snow is blowing horizontal along the windows. Jeremy is out there shoveling the driveway. Maybe I should have him tie off?

We had a blizzard warning much of the day and it was pretty terrible, near zero visibility at times on the road. They closed the museum early due to the weather, road conditions and projected winds. I hear a number of other activities, college classes, etc. were also cancelled.

And weren't we Kodiak bloggers talking about the unseasonable spring weather just a week or so ago? I am just hoping this snow is insulating the poor perennials that chose to sprout early. My trip to Pasagshak later this week to finish up a few chapters may need to be reconsidered, but that is a few days off. Who knows. My Alutiiq language teacher Nick always says, "March comes in like a lion." I'd say he's right this year.