Saturday, March 13, 2010

Snow and schoolwork

I just spent about a day at the Saltonstall compound working on schoolwork, but came home few hours early for the snow storm that hasn't materialized...yet. I had planned to go out to Pasagshak for writing, but the weather has been very snowy. Speaking of snow, a friend just broke her leg sledding this afternoon when she ran into a tree. Poor Thing! Don't worry up at the hospital - we fed your kids!

I have remained safely inside, though safe may not be the best descriptor. I was trying to get a side table out of the apartment this afternoon, while holding aside a leaning mattress and an old high chair with my leg (I should mention it's a bit messy in there right now), and when I stood up I rammed my forehead into the side of a door Jeremy had removed during installation of the new floor. So I have kinda like a lavender goose egg, with a fuschia line running vertical, right on my hairline, mid forehead. I may try to play it up, make it look intentional.

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