Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Health Reform Push

I got an email this morning from Organizing for America. They were calling it One Day, 100,000 Calls. They were providing the phone numbers of our Senators and Congresspeople, and asking us to call them and voice our support for health insurance reform. With the phone numbers right there, it was easy. Not long after, I got another email saying they had already reached heir goal and were now shooting for 200,000 calls to members of congress. I kept clicking reload on my browser and watched the numbers go up every time. I just checked back and they have had 215,845 calls reported in to members of congress around the country as of 3:17 pm. I wonder how much higher it will go before the end of the day. President Obama is also planning live webcast in about 45 minutes, which I'll probably miss. But if you want to see the count, try clicking here.

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