Friday, August 29, 2008

Obama's speech & McCain's choice

Last night Jeremy and I listened to Obama's nomination acceptance speech live, and it truly felt like an historical moment. He said all the things he needed to say and managed to be inspiring a the same time. If I wasn't wholly convinced to vote for him then, I would have been by the end of the night.

Everyone knew McCain would try to upstage him the next day, but WHAT A SURPRISE in his pick for our governor Sarah Palin. Although I am not a fan of her politics I must admit I always had a sort of affection for her, a pride in her being the state's first female governor, with all those kids, and she's one good looking mama. My loyalty for Obama is as strong as ever, but for the first moment I now feel a little worried.

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Twofrogs said...

I was so curious as to what you thought about the Palin choice. I agree with you, that it definitely feels like a race now. Oh but Obama's speech! Obama's speech! Couldn't we just cling to the afterglow of that historical brilliance for another day or two?