Sunday, September 7, 2008

Emmy's top 20 words

At first this was going to be the top 10, then we had to do 15, and I keep hearing her say words that need to be on the list! But now I have a full 20 and I am going to leave it at that!
Listed in general order of most usage:
1. Daddy/Mommy
2. Siska
3. Mikie
4. Yay-Yee (Lady)
5. Hi!
6. Bye!
7. milk
8. water
9. shoes
10. na-na (banana)
11. uh oh!
12. yock (sock)
13. Go!
14. cheese
15. Judy (her daycare lady)
16. Juice
17. cracker
18. baby
19. dog
20. Night! (good night)


Anonymous said...

How adorable! I'm pretty sure GAGA was in gaga

Isiik said...

Yes, I believe "GaGa" woudl be next on the list. She just has less opportunity to use it than she should...