Wednesday, September 17, 2008

An Era of Anxiety

We are a stressed people. I just drove home listening to Fresh Air on NPR. The financial expert talking to Teri Gross was discussing the takeover of AIG by the feds. Basically something like this has never happened before, EVER. And the only reason they did it is because there is a REAL concern that we are teetering on the verge of a depression. Not a recession, a depression. Never before in my life until recently did I give daily thanks that I have a job. Maybe soon that won't even be enough. I don't even want to go into what could happen if Obama doesn't win - that is something I worry about daily. We are at the breaking point on so many levels, not just the economy. We need a change, a REAL change, and we needed it yesterday.

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Twofrogs said...

I couldn't agree more. Suddenly all those stories that my grandmother told me about saving sugar packets became a lot more serious. I just hope the rest of the country will see that Obama is the only choice.