Wednesday, September 3, 2008

News from my student existence

I have a stack of articles to read that is about 4 inches thick, give or take a few inches. They are primarily about terminology development, endangered language planning, and progressive research methodologies. Emmy is busying herself pulling books off my desk and throwing them on the floor. I am convinced this means she is advanced. So anyway, I am at the beginning of the semester, with a whole horizon of possibilities for the next few months. I am overwhelmed, but still early enough in the game that I can convince myself all will go well. I just have to write 50 pages or so of the dissertation, while working, mothering, traveling (every other week it seems). It is all going to seriously get in the way of my obsessive news checking and instant email responding. Then in December we will be planning our move back to Kodiak during the shortest, coldest days of winter in Fairbanks. However, the thought we might have Obama elected by then gives me a warm toasty safe feeling.

And, here are a few pictures of "the E", since I feel my posts are so much less interesting without a visual component.

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