Monday, September 29, 2008

Sick Isiik

So I have been battling this cold for about two weeks now, and I am really hoping it will get better by the time we fly south on Thursday. Yes, another trip. This time to see Jeremy's mom in Tennessee, his Dad and the Counceller clan in Connersville, IN, his ex-step dad in Kentucky, his ex-common-law step-mother in Indianapolis, and also attend our friend Wade's wedding to Gertrude in Cincinnati. I thought a 10 day trip was long, but considering how much driving we will be doing, there won't be much "vacationing" going on!

I am sad to be missing the vice-presidential debate while we are on the plane. Not that I have TV, like I mentioned before, but I was looking forward to listening via NPR's streaming audio feed. I'll have to watch snippets later on You Tube.

Well, my complaining is going nowhere. Here are some more pics of Emmy being cute and also enjoying our first snow on Saturday.

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