Friday, September 5, 2008

Update: Thai iced tea... and (!)

I got my big box of thai iced tea mix in the mail yesterday from It was pretty cheap, especially when you buy it by the pound! I got it with this muslin tea strainer that is about the same size as one of those little nets you catch fish in in a fish tank. You spoon the looseleaf tea into the strainer, boil it in the water, and let it steep for a long time, and add a lot of sugar. Once it is cool you pour it over ice and top with half and half. I was surprised to learn that besides few herbs, it is mostly just black tea with yellow food coloring. Mmmmmm. I have tried my homemade thai iced tea though and it is delicious. Maybe not exactly like from a restaurant, but close.

Totally different subject, but this really grosses me out. What's with the "balls" that people are hanging from the back of their trucks lately? Quoted from Wikipedia:
"Truck nuts, also known as truck balls, also known as truck scrotums, are accessories for pickup trucks and other vehicles. Capitalizing upon the association of trucks with machismo truck nuts resemble oversized human testicles inside scrota of various colors."

Yes, I get it, your truck has balls. But do I want to be staring at your anatomically correct balls when I am behind you at a stop light? NO. Get some class. I guess a few states have introduced legislation to ban them, but I doubt Alaska will be doing this any time soon. I bet Sarah Palin has some on the back of her SUV.

Dare I even include a picture? Okay.

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Twofrogs said...

Oh no. Truck balls are totally going to happen in Maine, if they haven't already. I feel like I was living in a protected bubble of not knowing about these and now I'm going to step outside and see them wherever I go.