Friday, September 26, 2008

Winter is on its way...

I have been thinking about winter now that it is just around the corner. Last winter we were on our way up here to Fairbanks, and soon we will be making the journey in reverse. Well, it is still a few months off, but it will be here before we know it. When we arrived here Emmy was only 8 months old. At that time she could hardly crawl - she was doing the army crawl where she pulled herself along the floor by her arms while her legs dragged behind. She has come so far since then! Now she can run, climb, and has even started saying a few two word phrases like "love you" and "baby butt!" The picture above is from when we first arrived in Fairbanks last January.

The feeling of running out of time is definitely there in relation to my school work. School has been in session for a month already and since I am done with my course work now I do not have my regular class assignments to gauge time by. It is up to me to get writing done on my dissertation, to make my own goals and meet them. And with all the travel I have been doing, and will do (I just returned from one trip, and am leaving in 6 days with Jeremy and Emmy to Indiana and Tenn.) I am seeing that I will need to be very strict with myself in order to make progress. Ay'aa!

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Faith said...

I am looking forward to visiting with you and your family. I see Emmy has grown by leaps and bounds, just as Chris' boys have. I hope we can get the little ones together while you are in Indiana. Love to you all.