Saturday, October 25, 2008

Final Political Post before Election??

I hope this is the last political post I will need to do in this election. Jeremy cringes when I talk politics, even though we are on the same page in our beliefs. He just doesn't want to alienate anyone.

Speaking of alienating people, Last night a relative of ours sent us a text message with Barack Obama's photograph. It said, in essence that the Book of Revelations has predicted that the Antichrist will be a man in his 40s who is a MUSLIM, who will draw people to him and then bring about the END. It then encouraged us to forward this message to as many people as we know. The person who sent the message to us is registered Democrat! I cannot even describe on how many levels this kind of smear campaign upsets me. Not that being Muslim is bad, but Obama is a Christian! And in my limited knowledge of Christianity, he seems to embody the concern for the poor, sick, and elderly that is supposed to be at the center of Christian belief.

Now, I know we all have different political beliefs. I respect that. But I respect those who support McCain-Palin for their POLICIES, and actually know what those policies are, than those who are voting for McCain-Palin because of their hatred and fear of others. So, if you have thought about it, and you really think that voting Republican will be the best thing for your family, I respect that completely, and so would Obama.

This world is in crisis and we need to work together!

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Twofrogs said...

This is a good post. I've been seeing so much garbage about the whole Muslim thing and it's infuriating. First of all, there's nothing wrong with being Muslim, and second of all, he's not! It has gotten so out of hand.