Friday, October 10, 2008

SNL and the Election

Well, since we have been in Indiana I have spent a lot of time catching up on my TV watching. It has been mostly mind-numbing, with a few moments of dispair thrown in. I was particularly upset with the negative tone the election is taking, especially by the McCain-Palin ticket. I am astounded that they would be okay with it when they rile up the crouds to the point that someone yells "kill him" (possibly about Obama) and at another rally, some people heckled an African-American videographer. How could you allow things to get so out of hand at your own rally without giving people the impression that you support such behavior? It is a small consolation that these are people who long ago decided on who they would be voting for, so the hatemongering is only making them more empassioned about how much they despise people different than themselves. The focus away from important issues like the economy is not swaying any undecided voters to vote Republican. We are headed for some rough times and we need to work together a lot better than this if we are going to come through.

The one spot of light in all this has been the hilarious Saturday Night Live skits spoofing the election. the Sarah Palin impression by Tina Fey of course has been funny, but the re-enactment of the town hall style debate they showed last night was also great. It was almost as funny as the real one, especially when Tom Brokaw was getting all mad about the candidates talking too long, and then trying to read his teleprompter and both Obama and McCain were standing in his way. Ha!

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