Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Songs used without Permission

What is with all of the songs being used by the McCain Campaign without permission? I can't believe how many musicians are angry and offended that they are being used by candidates they do not support! The list goes on and on of artists complaining that their songs were used at rallies and ads without permission or royalties being paid. In addition to the most recent protest from Bon Jovi:

Just yesterday, Survivor joined the bashing bandwagon, requesting that the McCain-Palin campaign stop playing the band's hit Rocky theme, "Eye of the Tiger," for appearances by John McCain; last week, the Foo Fighters issued a terse statement demanding that the GOP contender refrain from using "My Hero."

Last month, Heart issued a cease-and-desist notice to the campaign after their hit "Barracuda" was twice used at Palin's campaign theme, including being used at the Republican National Convention. In August, Van Halen groused about "Right Now" being used at rallies, while John Mellencamp protested the lifting of "Pink Houses" and "Our Country." Jackson Browne even filed a copyright infringement suit against McCain and the Republican National Committee for using his biggest hit, "Running on Empty," in campaign ads. [original source]


Twofrogs said...

I'm getting to the point where everything that McCain and Palin do annoys me. Can we just have the election now, vote for Obama and be done with it??

Isiik said...

I agree! I almost don't want to do any more political posts because of all this election fatigue!

Peggy said...

I agree with twofrogs. I just got caught-up on your blogging for the past two months. Very entertaining and a great link because I miss you so much.
So, my name if Sarah Palin was my mother would be: Drill Swollen Palin. It sounds very phalic!
I hope that I get to see you this Saturday when you are in Kodiak!