Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Long Day

Today I was very busy with work school and Emmy simultaneously. I can feel it in my shoulders and back. Every since I was pregnant with Emmy I have had lower and mid back trouble. My sister in law Julie did some work on me when we were both in the same town, but I am out of luck now that she moved back to Juneau. All of this sitting here at the computer does nothing to help. Maybe I'll take an advil and lose myself in a movie.

Emmy got three shots today. She cried a lot but her mood improved greatly with the teddy grahams I had the forethought to put in my purse. By the time we got home she was in a great mood. She is loving our friend Brent who is staying with us. What a flirt. Emmy I mean, not Brent.

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Zoya said...

unwami asiirtuq! piugta