Friday, November 28, 2008

My Twilight Date

I guess I am going to have to recant a bit of my former post about the Twilight movie. I assumed Jeremy wouldn't be interested in seeing it and I would probably be going alone. Well, I couldn't be happier to say I was wrong. Jeremy and Emmy accompanied me today to see the movie, which was about as good as I expected. Nothing mind blowing, but not a total waste of money or time. Emmy was a doll, pretty quiet overall, especially since she got to eat twizzlers. Jeremy actually enjoyed it, especially Edward's car, the baseball game, and Edward's rage over anyone who would think of hurting Bella. Now isn't that romantic?

And now, instead of leftovers for dinner and a trip to the laundrymat, we are going to go out to Gambradella's Pasta Bella. The turkey can wait another day...

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Twofrogs said...

This is so cute. Jeremy is so cute. ALl of you are soooo cute!!