Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Our Election Night Story

We decided to go to the Blue Loon to watch the results roll in last night, since we don't have TV at home. It was a good choice, a lot of like-minded people, good food, and beer. They had a number of large screen TVs and also had CNN projected on the large movie screen in the theater. By the time we were done with our food, it started to become obvious that Obama would win, but they weren't calling it yet. We watched the electoral vote number creep up and I realized that McCain just didn't have a chance. Since Emmy was getting tired around her bed time, we took off around seven and I tuned in to KUAC in my car on the way home.

And that's when I heard that Barack Obama would be our next President. They first announced his projected win, and then said that McCain had called him to concede. Emmy was crying in the back seat because she was so tired, and I was crying in the front seat because I was so happy. When we pulled up to the house I jumped out of the car and told Jeremy, because he had been listening to music on the way home in his truck. We tuned in to NPR on the web and listened to McCain give a moving nd well-written concession speech, and then waited to hear Obama's victory speech. He touched on everything we needed to hear. I heard quotes by Martin Luther King, Jr. and President Lincoln, and most of all I heard his message of unity for the country. I was especially overjoyed when he mentioned Native Americans. Has any President-elect ever mentioned Native Americans in a victory speech?

After his speech was over the commentary began, but I was just so exhausted from the worrying earlier that I went upstairs and read a book for a while to wind down after a very historic day.

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