Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve Activities

Well, Siska is outside, I just put the roast in the oven, and Jeremy and Emmy are taking a nap. Lady is also taking it easy, as usual.

Earlier I made cookies with Emmy. We didn't have any good cookie cutters so I did mostly round ones with a cup. Then I decided to get little more creative and did two portrait cookies, of Siska and Lady. They enlarged quite a bit in the oven so both of them look pretty fat! Lady may look like that soon in real life if we are not careful. She still looks skinny, but at her vet appointment yesterday we found out she has gained almost 10 pounds. ( It may have to do with Emmy and all of the easily accessible dropped food...and perhaps that she was seriously underweight as a pup)

It snowed all night and most of the morning. It is fluffy and white everywhere you look. I think this may be the standard by which a white Christmas is judged.

Tomorrow we are opening the presents, which is a big concession for me, but it is important to Jeremy, and I figure he has done so much this semester to help out, it is only fair to follow his tradition this year.


Anonymous said...

Love the cookies!

Twofrogs said...

I love the cookies too. Why is it a big concession to open the presents on Christmas? When do you usually open them?

Isiik said...

In our family, we usually open presents on Christmas Eve, and we have stockings on Christmas morning. Apparently this is very common in Europe, but less common in the U.S. I don't know if this tradition comes from my mom or Dad's side, or both. Probably my mom's since her dad came from Holland.