Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Recovery Mode

Well you may have noticed a lack of postings the past few days. Over the weekend I was trying desperately to finish up my qualifying exam on Language Policy and Planning. It all came together by Sunday morning, so I decided to take the rest of the day off before starting my second exam Monday, which is on how Indigenous epistemology and Indigenous theory inform an action research methodology. But Sunday afternoon I began feeling sorta funny. My mandarin did not taste as delicious as usual (I am going to have to do a separate posting on my mandarin craze). By Sunday night I was bedridden with what felt like the flu, with sore throat, achy bones, headache and chills. All day Monday I spent in bed, sick as a dog, trying not to think about how I was losing a day of my week to do this second paper. This morning the headache was so bad I asked Jeremy to stay home because I couldn't watch Emmy. I called the clinic for an appointment. Now, there is a reason I never go to the doctor. Because I always start feeling better right before I go in, and then they treat me like some sort of faker. Which is exactly what happened. The provider said, "You have cold." Thanks.

At least I can swallow now and the horrid headache is fading from my memory. I think I can get this paper done after all. Yes. I can. I will.

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