Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Amateur Radio 1964

This morning Alberta showed me some CDs that the Oral History program at UAF had sent our Grandma. Apparently they had some recordings of our grandfather on them and related to the 1964 earthquake and tidal wave. She hadn't listened to them yet, so we put in the first one, called "Amateur Radio" It was a specal about the ham radio operators who made contact with eachother and the outside world right after the earthquake. I remembered my Grandpa (Nick Laktonen)'s handle (KL7APH) and we were listening to the special. they had people from Cordova, Anchorage and Valdez. And then, suddenly, we heard our Grandpa saying his handle and reporting from the top of Pillar Mountain, where we know he had fled to after the quake. He said "We are mobile." and also said a tidal wave was 20 miles away. Both of our jaws dropped to hear his voice from so long ago, 15 years before I was born! It almost brought tears to my eyes. And it proved for me how involved and central he was in his communications with the outside after the quake and tidal wave. Many people in the lower 48 had thought Kodiak was completely swept into the sea. Now I am excited to listen to all of the other historical audio we have on these 6 CDs.

So, I want to post this 10 minute audio clip, but don't know how to do it, as I have only posted videos. If you want to hear it perhaps you can tell me how?


Twofrogs said...

Here are some good tips:

What I did on my site was I uploaded the audio file to archive.org, which is free, and then embedded it from there... I could take you through that step by step, but you might want to use one of these other more user-friendly sites.

Isiik said...

Thanks Mara! I will post when I get some time this evening.