Thursday, January 1, 2009

Halfway there (distance)/90% there (time)

We are at Alberta and John's house in Anchorage. They were kind enough to let us stay here even though Alberta has to stay in the hospital an extra night after her thyroid operation. Get well soon Alberta!


Packing the car at 52 below last night was not fun for poor Jeremy. His nose has not turned black yet, so I think the frostbite is mild, if any. Even Dave was up late last night doing dishes and scrubbing the stove. I was mopping the kitchen at one point while Jeremy was cleaning the fridge, and looked up and noticed it was 12:04. We celebrated new years by continuing to clean (after our belated New Years kiss). We woke up an hour before our 6:15 am alarm this morning by Siska who was so stressed that we might leave him he was pacing all through the house. that was followed by more last-minute packing at at least 50 below, and about 8 hours of driving. We got so excited when the temperature got warmer than 20 below zero on the drive south.

Now I have to get reorganized for Emmy and my flight to Kodiak at 7 am tomorrow. Due to my MVP status we got first class down to Kodiak. Aaaaahhh. 45 minutes of pure luxury. I think I will go for the coffee AND the water.


bea3855 said...

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I am just interested in the North!
Love your blog and will definitely be back. You are invited to stroll around mine as well at
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Twofrogs said...

OH MY GOD WTF FROSTBITE!!!!!!!!???????????? 50 below what????? I'm so glad that you're back in Kodiak! Take care of Jeremy!!!!