Saturday, January 10, 2009

Our Move back to Kodiak

I haven't really sat down and done a REAL post to say how things have been since we got back here.  As you may know, we moved back into our cabin until our friends/tenants Liz and Patty get their new house completed.  The biggest difference living here this time is trying to make this a family cabin for little Emmy rather than a newlywed cabin like it was when we lived here before.  We did get a good fire gate from Kelly and Pete that goes around the wood stove area, so now we don't have to worry as much about her tripping and falling against anything hot.  This weekend my goal is to try to find somewhere to put the contents of all these boxes.

Work has been intense, since we now have new Language Program offices, but I am the sole occupant until we get new staff (interested?).  I also lack daycare for Emmy so far, so I have been piecing together days with her being cared for by family, at her old daycare when there is room, and even coming with me to the office.  I remember bringing her to the office when she was just a few months old and laying her in a plastic tote by my desk while she serenely looked around and smiled at people.  Now she is so curious, getting into anything, pushing buttons on office equipment and hitting her forehead on the corner of the desk. Ay'aa.

It has been so nice getting back together with my language masters, Nick and Florence, as well as all of the other great people I encounter in my work.  Now I need to start focusing on completing my research and get that dissertation going.

Jeremy will probably be headed back to Fairbanks soon to start his "2 weeks on, 2 weeks off" work schedule we are trying out.  It is going to be hard on Emmy when he is gone, but hopefully when he is back 2 weeks at a time they will be able to make up for lost time.  No comment on how I am going to deal with this. I don't really know but I do know it won't be easy.

The weather has been lovely, lots of sun and one blizzard.  No Rain...Yet.  I will try to post some pretty pictures soon.

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