Thursday, February 19, 2009

Back on the Air

I had my first radio show last night in about 2 years. I stopped doing the Spruce Tip Brew show at KMXT when I was pregnant with Emmy, because it became hard to stay on my feet for a long time, and I also had this weird thing where my voice got really low. And then we went to Fairbanks for the year, and I just never got around to it again until now. It was nice to be back on the air again. I got to play a selection of my favorites like Allman brothers and Tori Amos as well as a few new things, like a remix of Big River by Johnny Cash.

Jeremy is up in Fairbanks getting settled in our little cabin. I am curious how it will be up there for him. At least he has Siska, for this trip anyway. Emmy is missing him but does not seem to be aware of the passage of time yet, so 1 week is probably no better or worse than two.

I am gearing up for the submission of a big grant at work, am training our two new staff members, and am also trying to get some papers done for school, so my stress level has been high. Tonight I am giving a presentation by teleconference to a Rural Development class. I got my Masters in RD, so this shoudl be kinda fun, actually.

Trail conditions report: let's just say my new nickname for the trail down to the cabin is "the ice luge."


Ishmael said...

Loved the music you played last night.

Anonymous said...

hey,that sounds good,can you play some jimi hendrix sometime? and led zeplin too-(good times,bad times)
mondo 2009.....

Katie said...

April, I used to listen to Spruce Tip Brew every Wednesday when you hosted. Glad to hear you are doing it again! Katie