Friday, March 6, 2009

Grant writing = Punishment

I have been slaving the past few weeks on a grant application for the language program. If we get it, it will be an awesome project that includes Alutiiq Language Institutes for adults, materials development and language outreach. And based on how much blood, sweat and tears have gone into this thing, I REALLY hope it is awarded.

In the mean time, a few of us are going out tonight to celebrate getting it in the mail. Which as you may know, celebrating of any kind has become sort of uncharacteristic of me, and I will probably still end up in bed by a decent hour. Jeremy was drafted to be our designated driver. I am so much in need of some relaxation.

But as soon as this is in the mail, it is back to the school work. I am still trying to get some modifications to one of my exam papers completed, and then I have another publishable paper to do before I have officially passed all of my exams. I have another paper I am writing with my advisor for the American Association of Applied Linguistics Conference in Denver this month, an application for more Graduate funding due in April, and that doesn't even begin to cover what needs to be done in order to finish my research and dissertation. Sak'aartua! (I am exhausted).

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