Saturday, March 14, 2009

Favorite Foods

I go through phases of really liking certain foods. Lena in Old Harbor once told me in her family they call this the "Like-A-Lots"  Currently my Like-A-Lots (besides Thai Iced tea which has been top on my list for some time) are Mezzetta sliced hot pepper rings and Cambozola cheese.

The hot pepper rings are not really that hot, but just hot enough to make your mouth water.  And they have a good flavor - not just heat. I have just purchased my second jar in as many weeks.

I had Cambozola cheese at the Silvergulch Restaurant up in Fairbanks, and have 
been wondering what it was called ever since, since we don't seem to have it in Kodiak.  It is kinda halfway between a brie and a blue or gorgonzola.  So it is creamy, but with a few bands of that blue marbling that we all know is mold. tasty, tasty mold.  Jeremy is now searching Fairbanks for it so he can bring some home to me.  Now isn't that romantic?


Zoya, Patrick, Nora and Stuart said...

Safeway does have it - it's in the gourmet cheese section over near the deli. One of my favorites too. Might want to check Cost Savers first though - they generally have better cheese, and I prefer to buy cheese there. Piugta

Anonymous said...

April -- You can find that cheese at Safeway in those cheese bins as you walk in the main front door near the post office.

Isiik said...

I checked Safeway this weekend but they didn't have it. There must have been a rush on Cambozola!

Zoya said...

And it happened immediately after your blog post. I think Safeway owes you big time. You should demand free cheese. Piugta.