Sunday, April 12, 2009

Projected adult height

Emmy is a few weeks away from her 2nd birthday, so tonight we decided to measure her.  She is currently 34.75 in. tall. I had heard you simply double their height at age 2 to find the adult height.  I checked on the internet though, and among the calculators available online, her projected adult height was as short as 5'5.5'' and as tall as 5'7''.  I am surprised at this, as I am 5'10.5'' and Jeremy is about 5'8''.  The one that took our heights into consideration was the 5"7'' prediction.  Apparently doubling the height at age 2 works better for boys, and with girls it is double their height at 19 months.  If you look at her height on a percentile chart, it charts out to somewhere between 5'6'' and 5'8''.  So check back on this blog in 16 years and we'll update you on how accurate these predictions were.

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