Saturday, April 18, 2009

Travel #1 report

We stayed in Anchorage for one night, just enough time to see the sisters, brother in law, and niece. We brought Ravenna & Emmy to Bouncy Bears (Rita's idea - she was at work - but it was a blast). It was good to see everyone even though it was so brief. Here are a few pics from Bouncy Bears. The thing that surprised me the most was that the adults got to play too! Ravenna liked jumping on the giant air "pillow" trampoline and Emmy liked the slides - a daredevil. Wonder where she gets that from?And then yesterday we flew in to Maui. We are staying in Waiehu, near Wailuku. We are staying at this condo called Lilihua Shores. It is not fancy, but we have two bedrooms, a full kitchen, etc. Everything we need to set up a good home base as we explore the island. No air conditioning, which I would say is the ony drawback today since my family and I are used to Kodiak temps. We are on a beach with good surf, but it is not a touristy area due to the rockiness. Jeremy discovered this firsthand today...or should I say first foot, as he was surfing and stepped on some sharp coral or something. We had dinner at Paia Town at a great restaurant called Cafe Mambo. Jeremy had the fish burger and I had chicken fajitas. Both were great, and Emmy had a good time despite her sleep schedule being obviously off. We may go back to Paia tomorrow as they are having a free Earthday festival with live music.

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