Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Isabella Needs our Help.

Isabella B. has been involved in our Alutiiq Language Program for a few years now. She has also volunteered for the Alutiiq Museum's volunteer program. After I got back from Fairbanks this spring I was wondering where she went, and found out that she has been battling cancer. Isabella has always been so giving of her time and effort to help our Museum, particularly in her friendship with the Elders. It has come to the point where she could use our help. Here is her story:

After being misdiagnosed 4 times I finally was given the horrible diagnosis this past march '09. I have a rare and aggressive type of cancer called "lobular breast carcinoma - advanced stage" also a form of the rarest of breast cancers called IBS. This is a painful and rapidly growing cancer and unfortunately it has metastasized to my lymph nodes I will have drained my finances dry by the end of June. My treatment will not be complete by then. I have been denied all medical help from insurance company or Alaska Native Medical Center. I feel like my life has just begun...I have my dream job which is owning my own seafood company. I get to work close with my brother and I LOVE being near the cold Alaskan waters. I am personally enjoying learning my Native language which gives me such excitement. I adore my family...especially my nieces and nephews. To me, they are such a True joy in this world. My costs of treatment are great and if you can give anything to the treatment center at all please send to the address below. It is an odd thing to ask for help, especially when times are hard for everyone, I am so grateful for all of my family and friends so just know if you can't help, it's ok. Know I am fighting hard, and this is a fight! Mentally and emotionally and physically. Please even just drop me a line sometime that would help as well. Please pray for hope as this is a tremendous strain. Love you all : )

Isabella (BELLA)
The Elka Best Foundation has set up a web site where they are accepting donations on her behalf. To visit Isabella's donation page, click HERE. I hope that even in this tough economy you will consider donating a small amount, as it will all add up if we work together. Quyanaasinaq. (Thank you very much.)


Nell said...

This country needs socialized medicine.

Alaska-womom said...

Our hearts prayers are with you Isabella.