Monday, May 11, 2009

Old Harbor Pictures

It was so beautiful when we were out in Old Harbor for the Alutiiq Language Workshop. Nice weather, good company. I missed my family, but I think this was the best trip out I have had. Maybe I say that because the last time I went to Old Harbor I was preggo with Emmy, had morning sickness, severe allergies, and got stuck for 3 extra days due to a cold, windy and rainy October storm.

Fast melting snowy landscape. Saw many bear tracks coming out of mountain dens, and one bear skinny and wandering down from the hills.

Making Kelp Pickles

Alagnaq, Siska's sister.

Peter and I before our "Texas vs. Old Harbor" skit.

Our boat ride with the Elders on the last day. Quyanaa Olga and Chuck!


Twofrogs said...

This looks so beautiful! How did the waltzes and polkas turn out?

Isiik said...

The Elder's dance was...not well attended. We were done by 8:30!