Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Emmy's favorite phrases

Emmy has really been cracking us up lately. Today in the car she found Jeremy's old cell phone, flipped it open like a pro, and started chatting away. "Hi Eggy (Peggy). Yeah. Yeah! We go beach! Yeah! Spider! yeah, Patty's. Have juice! Yeah, yeah! Dude..."  So here are the current top ten favorite phrases of our little chatterbox:
1. Do it again.
2. I want juice.
3. Cikmia Cikmia (from "Twinkle twinkle little star" in Alutiiq)
4. I go pee.
5. I want see Grandpa/Grandma/Daddy...
6. I want candy/gummies/guy-em (vitamin)/walkie-cheese (mac & cheese)
7. Read it.
8. By myself!
9. No!
10. Why?

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