Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Hansel the Handsome Husky

Hansel is working out really good in our family so far. He is very attached to Jeremy and protective of Emmy. His coat was in terrible shape when we first got him due to shedding, malnutrition, and rubbing from his collar, but after daily brushings for the past week, he is looking pretty good. He and Lady are still working out who is top dog. At first we thought it would be Lady, but now we are not sure. Neither of them is a typical alpha dog, so it may take a while for that to settle out. He just seems so happy and grateful to be with us, and keeps surprising us with his personality. We didn't realize when we got Hansel how much he looks like a scruffy small Siska, but the look is definitely there, even though their personalities are totally different.

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Zoya said...

Hansel the Handsome - I love it. It sounds Viking or something. As regards alpha dogs - neither of our dogs is a natural alpha either. And it's funny because Jake is the alpha in regards to food and the bed in the bedroom while Roxy is alpha dog on walks and on the scrappy blanket bed. Is alpha dog piugta sinaq?