Thursday, July 16, 2009


One day it's 90 degrees, the next day, choking in smoke, followed by a bit of rain and fog, and now..sun. I just don't know what to expect up here. I am about halfway through this summer institute, and am already thinking about going home. I hear Kodiak has been lovely, and that there is a film crew from the Discovery channel or something staying at our house. I wish I had left it a little more presentable! I wonder how my potatoes and rhubarb are doing. I also get the sneaking suspicion that the alagnat (salmonberries) are ripe. They are, aren't they? You can tell me.


Erin said...

Hi friend! Love the blog. Thanks for sharing with me!

Here is the blog address of my friends who just moved to Kodiak. They are wonderful people! Hope you get to meet them sometime!

Zoya said...

I picked my first alagnak last friday. And there is an awesome patch of ripe berries right behind the museum. But they still are not ripe in shady areas. So sweet this year! Piugta

Ishmael said...

I haven't seen too many ripe ones yet, but they're getting there!

What's this Discovery Channel Crew about?

Isiik said...

The crew is doing a documentary over in Katmai I believe. They took off with our housesitter in tow, and will probably be staying at the house again before they depart AK.