Thursday, July 30, 2009

Leaving....Tang'rciqamken Nuushniilleraq!

We left Fairbanks this morning and the smoke was so thick the visibility for the first hour and a half of driving was as low as 1/4 mile. There was definitely a presence of firefighting crews along the route, but we did not see any actual fire. Just lots of smoke. I heard on the radio this afternoon that the air quality in Fairbanks is the worst it has been all year, and they may even set up smoke relief sites so people can take refuge from the smoke in borough buildings that have air filtration systems. After a few weeks of intermittent smoke, clean air smells so sweet! An I am talking about Anchorage air. Just imagine Kodiak air...

Last night before we left, Jeremy was attacked by hornets. Due to his quick escape he only got 8 or 9 stings, the worst of which was on his ear. He had been adjusting the dog run, and a large hornet's nest was hanging from a branch right above it. The rope must have bounced up, and those hornets were mad. It took me a while to talk him down from retaliating, since we really had no means of doing it that didn't involve a high likelihood of Jeremy getting more stings. So exciting.

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