Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Defaced stop signs

I have been noticing a lot of stop signs in Kodiak with "Obama" spray painted underneath the "Stop" on the sign. Most of them are in the same blue spray paint and have the same handwriting. I find it sort of threatening towards our president, and I hope that whomever is in charge of sign maintenance will at least paint over the writing, since replacing that many signs is likely to be expensive. Today I saw someone on one sign had scrawled "don't" above the "stop" and "obama" on one sign. Though it was a bit heartening to see someone disagree with the "Stop Obama" person, I just see the problem getting worse, and more graffiti is not solving any issue or contributing to true community discourse. Is this the modern day version of civic involvement?


Ishmael said...

Thanks YOU for posting this! It's rampant in Woodless Acres, and I saw a "don't" painted on a defaced sign in my neighborhood across Rez and down the street. Perhaps Homeland Security, Secret Service or the FBI should be contacted?

Isiik said...

Yes. Very suspicious for sure. I'll let you take care of contacting the authorities ;-)

Jo said...

This is so interesting. Just yesterday I heard a story on NPR about defaced signs....not in the US. It seems to be running rampant and is not only a little scary, but also very aggravating!