Saturday, September 19, 2009

New Driveway and Healthcare

We had Merle Brown come over today and dump about 3.5 truckloads of gravel to build up our driveway and hopefully address some of the water drainage issue. Often when it rains we have all the water from the road and our driveway running directly towards our house. So now things are looking much better.

In other news, when will they be passing health care reform? Soon, I hope. Some say we should wait for something better than the watered down version they are currently discussing, but for those of us who are underinsured, with increasing deductibles, shrinking benefits, and no affordable way to get our spouse or child on our plan, something would be better than nothing. Most who have insurance and are not sick don't realize how little coverage they truly have until they have an accident or a major illness. We are paying more than anyone else for healthcare and getting so much less - we are in 47th place for the quality of our health care. We need health care reform, and we need it this year.

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