Monday, November 16, 2009

Back on the Rock

I have been traveling for the past week and a half in WA and OR. One of those whirlwind family trips. It was so great to see everyone we visited with! Now it is time to get down to business with school, work, and the holidays.

One quick gripe: Upon my return, I noticed they are progressing with the upgrades at the airport here in Kodiak. Whose GREAT idea was it to replace the (often malfunctional) luggage carousel with three large metal sliding doors that open directly to the outdoors? I and the other passengers crowded around each door as the single baggage handler put the bags through the opening and the harsh arctic winds blew all the heat out of the airport. It took a half hour to get all our bags, when before it took 10-15 minutes tops. At least before if there was only one handler nobody knew, since you couldn't see him. I hope this isn't permanent.


Ishmael said...

What? That airport "enhancement" is whack. I hope it's not permanent, either. We have far too many passengers here to not have a conveyor belt.

Anonymous said...

This doesn't upgrade sound very energy efficient or sustainable. C'mon Kodiak airport, you can do better.