Sunday, December 20, 2009


It was bone-chilling cold last week, but this weekend it has switched to slush and rain, which is much more traditional for Christmas weather in Kodiak.

Mondo has been over helping Jeremy do projects outside, and Melissa was over yesterday helping me get the house cleaned up. Jeremy's Dad is coming on Tuesday to spend the holidays with us and we are so excited. Emmy s really in the Holiday spirit this year, now that she knows what's going on. She keeps trying to be nice, because we've explained "Santa's list." After she gets in trouble she says "I'll be nice to you Mama."

I know I haven't been keeping up on the blog much, but there's no time for a long post. It's raining, so that means laundry. The cistern is brimming full and who knows when things will freeze up again!

Dissertation goal: Analytical Framework done before Christmas! Then on to Analysis...

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Anonymous said...

How can Emmy not be perfect, just like my grand babies! She should get everything she wants for