Friday, June 4, 2010


My chives really took off this year. So much that with the recent rains they got a little bowed over. So today I picked a huge bunch of them and chopped them to dry. That way I can always have some on hand to add to soups or pasta salads, or whatever needs a little greening up before serving.

I had a ziplock bag of dried chives last winter and it was great to have on hand. It lasted all winter, and saved me a bit on my green onion purchases. If you live in Kodiak, you know that a small bunch of green onions can cost up to 2 dollars, already wilted, so it is nice to have an alternative, even if it is dried.

Now the kitchen has a zesty onioney fragrance and my eyes are just mildly burning. I put the cookie sheet in the oven (with it off) to hopefully cut down on the vapors.

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Zoya said...

Wow! I should do that - my chives only seem good thru July and then they get covered by the roses, shaded out. I should harvest them now 'cause right now they are prime.