Thursday, June 17, 2010

Kodiak on the Cheap

Since I eat out a lot, I thought I should share some recommendations from time to time.  So here goes, my recommendations for a cheap meal in Kodiak that also tastes good:

1. Sandwich special at Big Al's Pizza inside Cost Savers.  For 6 dollars you can get a salad that would cost you about 15 dollars elsewhere (they don't even charge more for a chef style vs garden - I get garden) AND a sub sandwich, either cold or like a pizza sub.  Yes, sometimes they forget some instructions or ingredients, but for the price, this can't be beat. And you can get the lunch special for dinner if you want.  Another good cheap item from Big Al's is the breadsticks with marinara sauce.

2. Monk's Rock bowl of chowder or borscht.  Somewhere around 5 dollars. It comes with bread or crackers and is a pretty good size.  Everything there is homemade, so even the higher priced items are well worth the money.  The BLT with gouda is also heavenly, by the way, although a bit more expensive.

Next time I do reviews: best dinner items from my favorite Kodiak restaurants. I only wish there were more of them. (interpret how you wish)

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Marnie said...

I agree! Wish Monk's Rock was actually open. Seems they close randomly and just leave a note on the door. Anyway, I will add the Angelo's has a good sub for abo. $14.00 that also comes with a side salad or fries. It feeds all of us. Throw in some more lettuce and carrots you got in the fridge to make a bigger salad. I know Em doesn't eat veggies, but even Abby likes the sub.
And don't forget Martha's! She lowered her prices this year. We can totally pig out and have left overs for $26.00 (A burrito, Martha's nachos, a potato taco, AND the $4 side of hot salsa)