Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Kodiak on the Cheap #2

Other great deals on Kodiak, that also taste good...

1. Martha's Place.  You can get a huge beef, chicken, veggie, fish, or potato taco (using two tortillas) for exactly 5 dollars, and it comes with chips and homemade salsa.  And topped with the best real guacamole ever.  Warning: you may spend some time standing in line, because Martha's Place is a van.  And you need to know where she parks for lunch and Dinner. And she's closed all winter, so get it while you can.

2. Java Flats.  Delicious sandwiches and breakfast burritos.  Not sure how much they cost, but its not much, definitely under 10 bucks.  They come with chips and homemade salsa, or fresh fruit.  Its hard to go wrong here.  They are crowded on weekends, so it is worth it to call in and then pick up your food, take it to the beach or out the road, and really enjoy. Disclosure: Java Flats is owned by a friend, and she's the best kind of people.

Also, check out Urban Spoon Kodiak where you can rate restaurants, see menus, etc.  I always go on there when I need to find the phone number for getting take out, you know, when I am not otherwise cooking my family a delicious homemade meal.

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