Sunday, December 12, 2010

done. really.

I am almost afraid to say it, for fear of making it not true.  After all, the diploma is not yet in hand.  But yesterday, my final requirement for graduating - my printed dissertation copies - were mailed to the UAF graduate school.  It doesn't seem real yet. I am not jumping for joy. I am not demanding that everyone call me Doctor!  Maybe the thrill that everyone thinks I will feel upon graduating will never materialize.  That's not to say I am not happy and relieved.  I am ready to get on with the next chapter of my life.  I want to be able to focus on work when I am at work, and my family when I am at home.  I want to start taking my gardening more seriously again, and do something creative.  It will be nice to do nothing sometimes and not feel guilty about it.

In the short term, it is time to consider the holidays and the family trip to Tennessee and Indiana coming up in just a week.  And there is much to be done at work before then.  And how many presents to wrap? The end of one thing does not mean I will become less busy. At least not yet.

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Anonymous said...

Celebrate! Cannot wait to see you Doc!