Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Kitchen Floor

Today Jeremy and Dave did the floor on the kitchen side of the great room. In less than a day!  The other half of the great room will be done after the cabinets are moved over.  It looks AWESOME!
Jeremy locks the boards in place.  He used a thin foam underlayment, a 3-in-one that is supposed to be good for blocking moisture, sound, and...something else.
Dave says he'll sleep good tonight.
We used a laminate with beveled edges, so it looks more like wood boards.  It has a 40 year warranty and is moisture resistant - a good thing here in Kodiak.
We got the flooring from, which has a distribution center in Seattle.

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Anonymous said...

Flooring looks good. We put similar flooring throughout Amanda's house. It was pretty easy to lay, and went down fast.