Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Best "Thriller" Dance performances on the web

I featured the Arctic researcher Thriller performance over a year ago on this blog, but have been mentally compiling a list of other great Michael Jackson Thriller performances I have seen on the web.  When I saw the Maori Haka version from the movie Boy (which I am dying to see) I knew this was a sign I should do a blog posting.  I remember seeing a surprise wedding dance version once, but when I tried to re-find on Youtube, there were hundreds of wedding versions, and I just couldn't find one I think is the "best."  So here are some others I did find for your enjoyment.

Do YOU know of any unique, surprise, or unexpected versions of the Thriller dance?

This next one cannot be embedded, but is worth clicking the link to view. It is prisoners from CPDRC prison, who also have a number of other great dance performances on Youtube. They even jazz up the Thriller moves a bit.

Some JJ Cole Employees in a practiced office rendition:

And the one that got it all started for me, the northernmost version of Thriller, performed at the Toolik Bay Field Station:

Ironically, I do not myself know the Thriller dance.

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