Monday, May 23, 2011

Places I Have Been...

...and places I would like to go.  I had some fun on TripAdvisor plotting out the places I have been in the world (yellow) and places I would like to visit (green).  I did not put as places I have been those locations I just passed through by car or in the airport on one occasion.  I am not too adventurous but I do like to see new things. Right now I would say my top two places I would like to visit are Hawai'i and Italy.  Italy may take a bit longer to visit, maybe when the girls are a bit older.

The TripAdvisor travel map does not allow you to place pins on extremely remote spots, like the towns I visited in Chukotka, Russian Far East.  Or some less remote locations like most of the villages on Kodiak Island.  But I guess one's definition of remoteness is relative.  Also I am not sure why it says I have been to 20 countries, because I am counting only 7. Oh Well!

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