Monday, June 13, 2011

Garden 2011

Well, the garden won't be much this year.  Due to the length of time it is taking us to get the septic field replacement project completed, the backyard will be lucky to just get reseeded with grass before the end of the summer.  I did buy two trees, a small ash tree and a paper birch which I hope to establish in the back yard, but we'll see how long we have to wait before that happens.  I used to have three raised beds back there, so I am planning to ask Jeremy to build me some new ones next year for my potatoes and other food plants.

The front yard is now the primary garden, and is hardly worthy of a report, but since it is sort of a tradition to give garden updates, I will go ahead anyway.  The large rhododendron which suffered for years in my shady yard (before rallying last year after I finally began putting miracle grow on it) is still alive.  I will post photos of it soon, though it still looks like it would have liked to remain in its original location out on the Coast Guard base.  It was outside of a building out there for 15 years or more in a nice sunny location before it was removed (yanked out of the ground with a chain tied to a truck) and rescued by my step dad.  Keeping it alive has been quite a job, but it still blooms bravely each summer.  My small rhododendron was pretty badly smashed by the snow being pushed off the road by plows last winter, but still has some leaves on it.  I think I need to protect it with a fence or some large rocks before next winter.

My rhubarb, which was moved last year to the front yard is now getting more established and I may be able to harvest some this year.  I LOVE rhubarb pie!  I have about 4 plants, 2 of which are of good size.  My only other edibles this year are some chives which are doing great, some sugar snap peas in a planter, and two halibut tubs where I planted some potatoes.  I got the potatoes planted late, and in store bought potting soil, which I plan to add some kelp to.  I am wondering how they will do.

I am a big fan of perennials, and the flowering plants that survived include a couple types of primrose, a columbine, two colors of astilbe, and some lily of the valley.  I had two different types of mint last year but neither overwintered, which surprised me.  Rounding out the front garden, here is a hedge of rugosa rose, foxgloves, and some nasturtiums which have not yet sprouted, along with some filler annuals from the nursery, and a few more items waiting to be planted. Whew!

Now that I listed out everything, I guess my garden isn't too pathetic.  It is no "master" garden, but I get a lot of enjoyment out of it and It can only get better as time goes on!

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