Saturday, June 25, 2011

Seeding today

Well, the septic took a bit longer than expected to get completed.  The contractor's backhoe broke down, and a few other mishaps took the project into the middle of this week.  But I am happy to say it is all closed back up now and we have the nicest, newest septic system on the block!  He he.

Since we have quite a large expanse of bare dirt now, today we are planning to rake and seed the back and side yards with grass.  I hope this will result in a nice grassy expanse where the girls can play.  I'll post a photo late in the summer to show how things turned out.

The back yard, our beautiful Three Sisters view, and the telephone pole.
In other news, my potatoes have sprouted, along with the sugar snap peas and nasturtiums. We got my birch tree planted in the front yard, decided to spare the sickly maple tree from the burn pile for one more season, and things are starting to look pretty nice out in the front garden.

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