Monday, August 29, 2011

Caqit ukut: Planking, Owling, Leisure Diving, Horsemaning?

It seems like every couple of weeks there is a new viral internet photo craze going around.  Planking was the first big one.  There was a guy at Mike and Erin's wedding that kept planking on everything, and it got me thinking about it more.  So for those of you who haven't figured all of them out, here is a run down of some of the top photo trends...Did I miss any? (all photos from Google Images)

Planking: Where the subject lays face down, with stiff arms and legs, in strange unexpected places.

Leisure Diving: In this technique, you stage a photo of the person flying through the air, usually into a pool, in a very relaxed pose, hence "Leisure" diving.  Few people in Alaska do this, because who has a pool?

Horsemaning: Inspired by the "Headless Horseman," two people are used to make an illusion of one person beheaded, often with the "body" holding the "head."  Supposedly the photo below was taken in 1920, and has repopularized the technique after being discovered in a garage sale and posted online.  I kind of want to try this one.

Owling: Supposedly the next greatest thing after Planking became popular, I am least inspired by this one, despite my Alutiiq name meaning "owl."  Like Planking, but in a owl-like position, the subject perches in various unlikely locations.

Update: We had to try horsemaning at home.  Here is our most successful attempt. Emmy thought it was hilarious.

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