Saturday, August 6, 2011


Pingaqtaaka Cingiyaq. I like Chiniak.  I must admit it, I like it even better than Pasagshak.  It has a nice rugged coastline and round little bays surrounded by trees, with beautiful ocean views all the way along the road.  Today, since my parents-in-law are in town, we brought them out to Isthmus Bay, the same place we were last weekend.  Although it sprinkled rain most of the afternoon, we had a blast.  It would be quite nice to have a place out there some day...
We set up Emmy's "kids tent" to have some protection for Laura from the rain.
Being an avid sports fisherman, Matt caught and released most of the day, but he and Jeremy kept three of the brightest pinks for the freezer.
There may have been just as much fun to be had in the tent as there was on the beach.
Emmy eating her cookie and enjoying the scenery. The seiner in the background made sets all day long.
Laura seems to enjoy being out doors and getting fresh air. She was very cheerful.
Looking back from the beach towards the winding stream.

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It was an awesome day!! Look at all my pretty girls and handsome men I was surrounded by!